Rose Park Elementary - Nancy Bo Flood event

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4th grade, Rose Yazzie’s class. Discussion of the many important uses of water – sustain life, essential to plant growth which gives us oxygen, food, materials to build homes, schools, etc. Importance of glaciers, ice sheets, etc. where they are located how they are important to powering the winds to motor the water cycle. Read The Hogan that Great-Grandfather Built (Navajo) to reflect cultural importance of water with students - using sign language to participate in the refrain “Navajo home that Great Grandfather built long ago with his hands out of earth, water and trees.”
Make snowflakes after the discussion of how glaciers are made. Perform “glacier poetry” and write a class poem, “Seven Ways We Know Glaciers Are Important.”

22 books – one book given to each student;

8 books total given to the teachers (3 each for school, library, future classroom use) and 1 given to the student teacher who assisted;

20 books -- given to the school’s curriculum library for future classroom use.

Monday, 2017, May 8 - 13:00 to 14:15

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