Workshop with juvenile girls at Girls' Transition Center

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This event was a classroom workshop at the Girls' Transition Center, which is a juvenile detention center for girls in Salt Lake City. The girls ranged between 14 and 17. I had a short lecture prepared, where we interacted about water futures of Utah. The idea of speaking to a young audience was to motivate and encourage them into science in general, and water sciences in particular - rather than provide specific information about my research. The girls & I spoke about how I started studying water, why water quality and quantity are important, and how Utah fares in water resources. This was for about 20 minutes. We then used EnviroScape to understand how urban and rural settlements add pollution to water resources, and how we can prevent it. The girls used Kool-aid and cocoa powder as 'pollution', and created rain by spraying water - and this hands-on activity garnered a lot of enthusiasm. We had a very interesting brain-storming session about other pollution sources - and I was impressed by their curiosity and depth of knowledge. We concluded the workshop with giving the class 8 copies of 'Water Runs Through This Book'.

Wednesday, 2017, September 13 - 11:00 to 12:00

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