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During the 2017-2018 school year the Natural History Museum of Utah implemented two projects to reengage past participants in the Taking Learning Outdoors program, and to increase visibility and awareness of the program in communities across the state of Utah. The first project was to develop and deliver Taking Learning Outdoors vinyl banners, to display on school grounds. School signs, such as the vinyl banners, are an essential means of communication between the school and its community, parents, teachers, and students. School signs communicate important information but also acknowledge school accomplishments and programs that invoke a sense of school pride. The Taking Learning Outdoors banners communicate to the community, parents, teachers, and students how much the school values and supports their partnership with the Natural History Museum of Utah and iUTAH EPSCoR. The second project was to create a collection of Taking Learning Outdoors resources and curriculum and build a webpage in perpetuity that would be accessible to past participants and broader education community- https://nhmu.utah.edu/learningoutdoors.

Banners were distributed to 50 schools across the state of Utah. In 9 districts and twenty different cities.
Daily outdoor impressions of 9,000 school visitors (outdoor impressions based on school visitors and school vehicle traffic).
Overall reach 62,000 (estimate based on school enrollment).
• Website:
The website is only found by entering the web address found on the vinyl banners. To date we have had 51 unique views and a total of 101 page views, with average of 1:21 minutes. We project that over the reminder of the school year we will have 75 unique views and 150 page views.
The website provides a breadth of resources suitable for K-12 educators.

Monday, 2017, August 21 - 11:15 to Thursday, 2018, May 31 - 11:15

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