Children's Perspectives of an Urban River Corridor: A Study of the Jordan River, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Wed, 2018/04/11
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American Association of Geographers
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This research was one part of a 3-part community-engaged research project to help fill gaps in public outreach and understand how river-adjacent communities perceive their local river. The neighborhoods surrounding the Jordan River in Salt Lake City, Utah, are majority-minority areas with a mostly Latinx population and increasing new immigrant and refugee constituency. City outreach efforts about local river management have failed to reach these populations. Children can be active participants in research and can provide unique perspectives about natural spaces. Children and youth are often the primary users of parks and natural spaces and yet we do not often solicit their opinions or knowledge about those places. There is very little research assessing perceptions of children in low socio-economic status or multicultural or minority communities. Our research participants represent several different cultural backgrounds and are generally lower socioeconomic status, addressing these gaps.